Kobe Beef Burger

“Kobe” Style Burger

The cold winters in Tahoe coupled with a long day of skiing makes one yearn for warmth and richness of comfort food. The above picture was the perfect antidote to this particle evening: “Kobe”-styled burger. Sizzling, browning, caramelizing, and crisping, a warm, nostalgic smell of cooked meat fills the air. Just as the onions were sweetening and the roll toasting, the burger was ready. Plated between a Truckee Sourdough Ciabatta roll: Champagne garlic mustard, ketchup, lettuce, caramelized onions, and sautéed mushrooms all layer atop of juicy, “Kobe” style patty. The first bite, flavors start to dance across the palate. Soaking it all in, we are in a state of pure bliss and looking forward to the next bite.

Kobe beef originated from Tajima cows in Japan, a strain of Wagyu cattle. Their meat was known to be tender, fatty, and well marbleized in texture. The United States have created their own “Kobe” style by cross breeding Angus with Wagyu cattle. All the same qualities remain, the difference is darker meat color and bolder flavor.